Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Get the party started

Hillevi dressed up for new years eve, with feathers in her hair, and her new Nikon....
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

white wedding

Today is the day my friends Maria & Gard is gonna get married, and since I cant blog her dress before the seremony, my Barbie doll model is showing a beautiful miniatyr dress with lacedetails.
Her dream was to marry barefoot on a beach far away from home. With all her friends dressing up in white as well.
But hey, whats wrong with Winter weddings? Look how beautiful the picture of the bride can be....
thanks to: Barbie for being my model, Birkelunden Flea Market for location. pics by:

Friday, December 26, 2008

vintage lace dress

I bought this pretty pink lacedress in october for only 385 at Velouria vintage, but haven´t got the occation to wear it before now. Guess it will be a winner styled with a black leatherjacket..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

watch me!

Lucky me, I got this Triwa by Tritoni Watch as a present. The brand is swedish and is now available at Freudian Kicks and Come as you Are, in Oslo.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is this fashion? Berlin it is. Spotted these sparkling silver christmas party trees outside a store in Berlin. Disco Fever all night long & plastic fantastic. Merry Christmas fashionistas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Are The Superlative Conspiracy

We are? We are what? Who are we and who are you? We are the Superlative Conspiracy. A few weeks ago swedish label WeSC opened their Concept Store in Hegdehaugsveien 27, Oslo. Check out the store if you are looking for WeSC jeans, accessories by Colleen ( or funky Sabre sunglasses..

Friday, December 19, 2008

on my wish list

Studded vest from the norwegian brand BikBok, kr 599. Styled with a pair of ripped og tie dye jeans thiss is gonna be a hot outfit!

This Coral zipped bananaskirt from BikBok is on my wish list for the new season.But i want it now- for my Bali trip.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

travelling mac

Since I blog every day, and spend a lot of time in front of this little grey "thing", I thought it was on time to blog a picture of my electronic friend; the one I love when I`m inspired, and the one I hate when it won`t upload pictures. My mac is styled with stickers from The Cobrasnake, Bodymap( the kurt Cobain sticker), Volcom, L.A and emi music (Pharrell)
Do you have stickers on your mac?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DIY- torn tees

Todays DIY-project: inspired by Rumi and her fantastic blog; fashiontoast, I have customized my batik tiger tee. As you can see I used my corn fork to make the demage ripped look on my right arm, and on the back. do it yourself- its easy and fun to customize clothes

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i`m lovin` it!

Denim vests, snakeskin asseccories, zipped ankelbooties, ripped jeans & studded bags. Whats in and whats out?Check out the new issue of topp magazine, in sale monday the 19th of january

Sunday, December 14, 2008

my new HOT leather pants

I don`t know if my boyfriend loves it, but I was totally freaking out when I got this Modstrøm leather shorts on a samplesale a few weeks ago. As you can see, if youre checking out older posts, I also got myself a leather vest from the same label. Gonna rock this hot pants on a christmas party soon..!!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

wanna shop this sunday?

Looking for a vintage dress for christmas or a present for your friend? Velouria Vintage is open every sunday before Christmas. The store is located in Markveien 32, grunerløkka, Oslo
I love this vintage store. I always find second hand pieces I love. This is one of the adorable jumperss I have bought lately.
They have nice accessories for all kind of styles. Feathers in different colours for your ears, pearls, sunglasses & bracelets. And for all of you- a taste of christmas...

Friday, December 12, 2008

got the hang on it...

DAMAGE DENIM & LACETIGHTS; my boyfriend think I have gone mad, and my boss ask me if I need money to buy new jeans. Yes- I really got the hang on it. This is my fourth pair of DIY-jeans I have ripped. I have two pair of customized WeSC jeans (a grey and an offwhite)one pair of black Lee jeans, and these pair of Pepe jeans. This has the perfect wash for summer use, and also for winter in combination with a white lacetight this is hot. Wearing it today.... yey..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DIY! todays outfit; my customized studded jacket

A few weeks ago I finished my DIY-project, my studded jacket. The leather jacket is about 7 years old, but since I have too many ordinary leather jackets I decided to customize this - and I love the result. And yes- I admit, I have been inspired by Mary-Kate..
todays outfit; all black; 80s vintage zebra jumper, custumized studded leather jacket, studded vintage shoes from NY, custumized ripped jeans from Lee.
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Todays trend tip

For years I have been wearing belts and shoelaces as bracelets, and I love it! This is a studded belt from H&M bought some years ago, and my boyfriends Quicksilver boardershorts lace that brings me extra luck. I always wear that if I`m travelling without him, or hes away from home.The one with the heart & peace-sign is the giveaway following the new issue of topp magazine. Peace&love!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

funky fashionistas, Birkelunden, part 3

Sundays funky fashionistas at Birkelunden:
They both have an unique style. I love his Ray Bans and her bowler hat. Did you know that the bowler hat became acceptable formal wear in Britain after World War 1 - replacing top hats, or that women wore bowlers during the unisex Vogue of the 1960s?
Tights-lover and stylist Line Kirkhus in purple tights and black funky boots
Always stylish Lisbeth from Lilyjets is looking for vintage clothes, wearing a lovely colourful scarf and nice leather jacket.
yes! yes! yes! I love this trend inspired by the grunge. come as you are....


Monday, December 8, 2008

You Keep me Hanging on

Do you remember you and your mom wearing matching mohair jumpers?
Well I do, and I remember my mom always bought oversized clothes for me. Not because it was trendy- because it was not- but so I could have them for years.
Well oversized 80s jumper is hotter than ever and I recently bought myself this 80s Kitty Hawk by Vivian Wang jumper at Velouria Vintage. Made of: 62%acryl 17% nylon, 145 wool, 7% angora. Go Kim Wilde!!!!!!!!! You keep me hanging on..
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

From Russia With Love

Do your heart belongs to Moscow? You have to visit Supermarket Moscow, Luxus Deluxe - Simply the Best, located in Bjerregaardsgate 5. Reopened yesterday
Miss Disguise have moved in 2. And you find her cute accessories including My little Ponys, all animals from animal farm and "dyrene i Afrika", legos and Rubriks cube. After a year with random opening days- their plan is to be opened almost everyday from 12
Supermarked Moskva has someting for everyone- and why not by a traditional russian Baboska doll for christmas
or a kitchy old school stiched picture, from 110 kroner
I got myself an old school RICOH camera....
"We are born in Norway, but our hearts belong to Russia. We work to bring the russian feeling to the people check out

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Walk On By

I Hate to dress up if I have to, but love to wear a dress and high heels a monday if I feel for it.Fuck dresscodes. I have a thing for jeans, and with the right pair of shoes..
wearing what?low key unisex splatter jeans from Dr. denim and my studded ankelboots

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Watch me!

Watch me! My Limited edition watch from Swatch, designed for Valentines day 2003 got a new life the other day. I didn´t like it the day I got it, but now, 5 years later, I totally adore this watch. Just need to buy a new battery......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

sassy & skinny

They are sassy, skinny, ripped, feminin and hot! Never Denim is launched the 22. of january by Bik Bok- inspired by street fashion, subcultures, rockstars and the bums on the corner of the hood. Remember I posted pics from the fashion show a month ago?(1.nov) I cant wait to get those pants on. Bik Bok did it again. Never Denim Black Label is ruff & cool, inspired by the 80s, and the fit is perfekt. Never Denim White Label has new fresh washes in different styles- slim jeans and boyfriendjeans. Love this jeans label!!!!

TRUE COLOURS" Do It Yourself

my DIY-project yesterday: Are you tired of your mulitcoloured scarf or neon pair of jeans? Why buy new stuff when you can make old clothes look as brand new? Do it Yourself...from useless to favorites: This used to be my pink singlet, my purple scarf and my orange fringe scarf from H&M.
What do you need? Nitor colour from Panduro, 110 kr (including fix 2) salt 25 kr.
Washing maschine or by hand? Youre choice. I would recommend washing maschine
How many pieces? You can colour clothes up to 1 kilo in your washing maschine, wet them before you start and put them on a weight.
What kind of clothes? You have to check out what kind of material the clothes are made of. This Nitor colour is specially made for cotton. Start with a few pieces- and don`t colour your silk dress!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

EAT TO THE BEAT- todays outfit

wearing what? zipped leather vest:Modstrøm Blondie tee: marc by marc jacobs, L.A
came back from the sample sale the other day with a bag full of funky new clothes, and this Modstrøm vest is allready a favorite. My name was written on the whole collection, and it was hard to tell myself that I couldn`t buy it all.. he he. didn`t know Modstrøm was that good. Bought a pair of black snakeskin tights, leather shorts(4 real ) and a leather knitted jacket...
but no leatherhosen.... ha ha... my Blondie tee is from 2 years back;

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lace days!!!! hippie hurray! MOTEBLOG 08

Lets do the hippiehippie(milk)shake! Moteblog 08 finally have 10 finalists for best fashionblog MOTEBLOG 08, and guess what- I`m one of them! Thanx to all my readers for following my blog since I started up blogging. If youre one of my followers and have been inspired by my blog, you can vote here, or check out the link to see what inspired me to start blogging.
Juryen mener: Juryen synes det er en veldig spiss moteblogg med en rocka og røff stil. Det er positivt med originalt innhold og gode gjennomtenkte referanser.
Brukernes begrunnelser: Hun har døds mye kule klær, og super stil. Denne leser jeg hver dag.
I am also nominated by Costume Awards as best dressed. I know I just have a tiny chance to win, -lots of celebrity fashionistas is nominated- but if you wanna vote;

Blondie punk/rock chic;Birkelunden Fleamarket part 2

Rock on! This is a girl with an attitude! With her featherly blonde hair and glossy red lips she totally reminds me of style icon and Blondie rockchic Debbie Harry.
Ripped jeans, styled with chains and a funky lepard scarf. Sunday punk rock chic in oslo.