Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lace it Up

On my wish list: lace up heel from top shop.
I did buy a pair of Patricia Pepe one month ago in Copenhagen, but exchanged them after I understood that I could fly twice to Barcelona for the same price...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Todays Outfit

All over print is yesterday. Keep it clean and simple, and add accessories instead.
Todays outfit: Vintage cashmere-tee from systemaction, Copenhagen, vest with studs from Mango and feather necklace from London......

paparazzi- style

Hillevi and I did a fashionshoot in L.A one month ago with american model Jeanine, and norwegian photographer Margrethe Myhrer. Shot in Robertson street, outside Kitson, Starbucks and the Ivy. To see the full shoot; check out topp magazine this month...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

catch of the day

nice fitting room and a nice "cath of the day". one pair of black chinos and an elephant necklace........

Chains Chains Chains

All black and chains from Givenchy, designed by Riccardo Tisci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out one of my favorite websites; for more hot stuff...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Festival Chic

Street style; at Hove-festivalen.
Mette Alstad, wearing Sunglasses from ebay, t-shirt: The Kooks, Shorts: American Eagle, boots: Hunter. Check out the new issue of Topp magazine for more pics...


Sunday, July 27, 2008 click to see more.

Har vrengt vesken for det nye mote nettstedet Lola. Så hvis du skulle lure på hva jeg drasser rundt med kan du klikke på linken. Pleier dog å ha med meg mye mere skrot enn hva jeg hadde den dagen... gir også smarte motetips og gatemote.

hot pirates


mike mike

chillin with mike- the dog- at Gards place... tropic night in town...wearing high waist shorts from H&M, top from London and peace earrings from L.A

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hovedøya it is...

I love do my dog..........
5 min.boat trip away from town..Hovedøya is the place. came back after 8 hours in the sun.

vamos a la playa

venga venga..... klar for å stikke å bade... NÅ!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet Julie

My friend Julie; always stylish....
she is wearing gladiator sandals, Levis shorts(used to be a pair of jeans), american vintage tee & hat from ebay...

Style your boyfriends jumper

My boyfriends jumper = my dress.... he he...
bag from marc by marc jacobs, necklace from L.A, sunglasses from Jee Vice, Second hand bangle from London. foto: Henrik Lysell

Go Gemma

Supermodel Gemma Ward starring in her first major film role as Jackie in The Black Balloon. Gemma plays against Rhys Wakefield(Thomas) who portrays life with an autistic brother. The film is an ultimately heart-warming story about fitting in, discovering love and accepting your family. The Black Balloon will be out in Norway this fall.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

summer is here... not Summer from The

whats up????After weeks with rain and cold weather...summer is here...27,2 degrees, blue sky and sun. Hippie is chillin´ at the balcony catching tan on my new blanket from Cadaques, my boyfriend is sick, and I am gonna eat homemade veggiepizza in the sun..will post more pics later.


Looking for crystals, stones, beads, buddhas, peace-signs or rings?- Pachamama is the place.
The shop is located at Majorstua- Industrigata 47a, Oslo. Pachamama is usually translated as Mother Earth, but a more literal translation would be "Mother Universe" mama = mother pacha = world, space-time or the universe...

banana split anyone?

Go Bananas! I love bananas, and had to blog this picture, taken this morning on my way to the office. The bananas are matching the street in a cool way. If i say banana, what do you say? Andy Warhol?Banana Boat?milkshake?fried banana?banana split? Banana Airlines? Banana Republic? Bananarama?Banos?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hippie and me

animal prints are back this season, but you will never see me in those pink lepard platforms- I promise.... hippie- my dog is a bit sceptic. She likes it more natural...

1997; Worst Fashionmoment Ever

I am not proud of all my looks, he wardrobe was a totally freakshow at the late 90s, and I guess the picture of my Steve Madden platforms says more than 1000 words....
Did I try to be Scary Spice, or what?
They are still waiting for their debut, so if anyone`s gonna have a Spice Girl costume-party,...give me a call.... and you know what...??? they are from
Steve Madden.gosh!posh!

Red Hot Lindsay

Red Hot Lindsay. Love this sunglasses from Jee Vice. They are black, and big, and guess that`s why celebrities like them too. Lindsay Lohan, Juliette Lewis and Cameron Diaz have all been sporting the model Red Hot.

cool down

I don`t like black coffe....but...iced latte with vanilla and milk from Stockfleth - oh yes....... Coffee breaks are needed when you work during the summer, getting sms from your friends at Bali and the outside temperature in Oslo 25. And by the way... brown is one of my favorite colours.
hasta la vista

Emma Watson goes Chanel?

Harry Potter star Emma Watson(18) replaces Keira Knighley as the face of Chanel.... if the roumours are right she is close to sign a two-year contract worth £ 3 millions. By the way Kate Moss was signed in 2003, and dropped the following year in favour of Keira.

more beads....

The danish supermodel and designer Helena Christensen is still the face of Pilgrim. I have never been a huge fan of their assessories, but the collection for this fall is much more my style. Beads and indian-style bracelets from 149 kr.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Gym, MGMT and Voss

hanging out at "the gym" is not one of my favorite hobbies, but today was the day. And with the right music, it was not that bad.
gymbag from American Apparel, music from MGMT, water from Voss

Sunday, July 20, 2008

what 2 wear 2morrow..

This sunday has been raining away, but hopefully we will see the sun tomorrow....Normally I don`t plan what to wear the day before, but hopefully I will be in the mood for my new dress from Acne, my fringe boots and my boyfriends vintage glasses.....

feathers & olives

dressed up for Replay party in Barcelona with Haakon
I love feathers, and made myself a feather bracelet when I was in Barcelona. Matching the olive green harems pants from natura...and later that night I fell in love with a clutch from
we are replay. check out older posts

young fashionistas.....

Our new fashionistas... they start early, and know how they like it. Mina (5) and her 2 years old friend with pink nailpolish, blush and blue and pink eyeshadow...cute cute kids...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I regret...

Not that I need another clutch (guess my boyfrined agree on that), but this bag is lovely.
Why didn`t I buy this? aaaargh....

My favorite leather jacket

Guess I have 8 leather jackets in my wardrobe; but this is my absolute favorite. I have been wearing it almost every day, since I spottet this jacket in Copenhagen.The leather is superfine, and the details are lovely. only problem: zero pockets.
Back to all jackets I don`t wear anymore, and the clothes that never have been worn.. I am ready for backyard sale soon, at Grûnerløkka with some friends. Will be back with more information when the host is back from Portugal..

Military look

Military trench from top shop is on my wish list. Guess I have to go back to London soon...

time for a poncho

Summer is not over, but fall is on its way....... love this poncho from vila, fall 09

16 degrees

16 `degrees and they call this summer? Had one swim yesterday but it was not hot at all..
I wanna go to Bali, now......


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oslo kicks

its not too bad to be tourist in the city you live in. forget what I wrote about sale yesterday. If the right shop has sale its super. 5 minutter in the shop Freudian kicks, and one new Acne dress to sport. 399;- only...... oh yes.....check out the store in posthallen....

brand new shoes

new favorites from Top shop.. they are hot, and believe it or not- comfortable

London calling

Came back from London and I am too tired to think of anything else than the bed..
will post some pics tomorrow. Still sale in Uk- never find anything on sale anymore and I was not looking for summer clothes, but got myself two pair of shoes....and they are fab!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr. Hofmann in Barcelona

part of the stencil; statement; BCN is dead
dr.hofmann is known for his statements on the wall, using stencils.....
Stencil Street Art in Barcelona by Dr.Hofmann. You can find his art all arond the world.. But did you know that Dr. Hofmann was a well known chemist and the one who discovered LSD- He died when he was 102 years old. Check out for more information. Have a nice trip...


Oh my god...... I love large rings and this is to die for. Large Gold Multi Colored Crystal Ring from Kitson...

Monday, July 14, 2008

ingen fest uten vest

Det blir ingen fest uten vest......"- you will never see me in vest", I told one magazine two years ago...well.. my boyfriend don`t like it, but suddenly I have 7 in my wardrobe...

I want.....

Cute bracelets from in 3 styles. Tai - Gold beaded Sign Bracelet; 58 dollar

hot tattoo....

John Mayer is hotter than his date Jennifer Aniston, and his tattooed sleeve is so beautiful with nice japanese flowers and waves....